Guide Montagne

Our partner Altitude 66 organises and offers guided hikes in the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees: on the Canigou, Madres, Carlit des Pérics massifs, in the Carança gorges...

Abbaye Saint-Michel de Cuxa

At the foot of the Canigou, the abbey of Saint-Michel is an exceptional architectural ensemble (10th-12th centuries) with its basilica, one of the largest and most significant pre-Romanesque churches in Europe, its Romanesque Lombard bell tower, its crypt and its Romanesque cloister. It has been the home of Benedictine monks since 878.

Bains de Saint Thomas

A magical place, at the bottom of a valley, a vast stone amphitheatre housing three open-air sulphurous hot water pools. At an altitude of 1150m, where a fantastic spring of 58° sulphurous water gushes out, the benefits of which have long been recognised.


Since its foundation, the city has protected itself behind its ramparts. The wall is exceptional because Vauban doubled it by superimposing two levels of covered ramparts, a unique device. Some of the medieval walls are still in place. The exceptional character of the ramparts has led to its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Caranca Gorges

Located in the commune of Thuès entre Valls, this hike will not leave you indifferent! Rocks, footbridges and ledges are what await you. Several routes for several levels of hiking, a walk out of the ordinary.


Our partner Extérieur Nature Aventure has selected canyoning trips for all profiles to find the one that will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Our partner Extérieur Nature Aventure welcomes you to its tree climbing park with 12 courses. Climb from tree to tree and admire the magnificent 100% natural setting on the banks of the river Têt. Cross the river at full speed on giant zip lines!

Abbaye Saint-Martin-Du-Cangiou

Situated in the heart of the Canigou massif, on an eagle's nest, the former Benedictine abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou has overlooked the Cady valley since the 11th century. The Lombard bell tower, the marble capitals, the abbey church and the vaulted crypt make it a jewel of the first regional Romanesque art.

The Yellow Train

A true symbol of the region, the yellow train criss-crosses the heights of the Pyrénées-Orientales. Come aboard the train for an unusual journey, somewhere between mountains and landscapes of valleys and plateaus.

Grottes des Canalettes

Spend a dream day with your family on a unique site in France. These caves are designed to welcome the general public, but the notion of discovery and adventure will always be present throughout your journey in the bowels of the earth.