Cocktail & Ice Cream Bar

Camping l’Eau Vive has a cocktail bar, an ice cream parlor and a beautiful lounge terrace to satisfy your desires during your stay in Vernet-les-Bains.

Our House Cocktails

You will find our selecion of house cocktails with or without alcohol offered by Jessica.

Classic, royal, passion or red fruits

Pina Colada
Rum, pineapple juice, coconut

Gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon, sugar syrup

Cachaça, lime, sugar syrup

Moscow mule
Vodka, lime, ginger beer

Scotch Sour
Whisky, lemon, sugar syrup

Spritz Catalan
Aperol, soda, triple white Lafage, orange

Our cocktails : 7,50€

The Glacier

The campsite's Glacier offers ice cream and frozen dessert from May 1 to September 20. You will find a wide choice of ice cream sundaes, something to please the whole family!

Dame blanche
Vanilla, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate shavings

Chocolat or Café liégeois
Coffee or chocolate, vanilla, coffee sauce, whipped cream, chocolate shavings

Dame verte
Pistachio, chocolate, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, pistachio chips

Chocolate, vanilla, chocolate sauce, pieces of brownies, slivered almonds, whipped cream

Raisin rum, coffee, coffee sauce, slivered almonds, whipped cream

Crousti meringue
Chocolate, stracciatella, chocolate sauce, drops of meringue, whipped cream

Mango, lemon, red fruit coulis, whipped cream, drops of meringue

Oreo, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, Oreo chips, whipped cream

Lemon, vodka

Pear, pear brandy

Ice cream 7,40€ / with alcohol 7,50€